National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

Safety Solutions Academy is the name of my company and it shouldn't…

0250 - Interview With Ryan Workman Author of 50 State CCW App

Our smart phones are only as smart as the information they are able to provide us. Ryan Workman of Workman Consulting has made my phone smarter with his 50 State CCW app. The app puts important information at my finger tips relating to concealed carry and the law. If you travel between states, you need to have this app to help you decipher the complex laws surrounding CCW in multiple states.

0238 - Using your Smart Phone to Lead a Safer Life

Three years ago I would not have been able to imagine a world without cell phones. More than any other thing invented in recent times they have made our lives more efficient. The ability to communicate on a whim with virtually anyone allows our lives to be more flexible and spontaneous. This past holiday I chuckled when my dad busted out his circa 2004 flip phone. The reason I laughed is because it isn't about the phone any more. They are all in one do it all gadgets that have become essential in our lives. Yes, we could survive without smartphones, but for now we don't need to, so why not use them to help us when the chips are down!