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0217 - 9-11 Series: What Has Changed in 10 Years?

There are countless things that have changed since the attacks on September 11. Some good, some bad and some could go either way. Remember that we are the tools that enact change in our country. What we do matters. It is our duty to look seriously at the events of 9-11 and learn from them. If we fail to do that we fail to honor those that have fallen for our great nation!

0216 - 9-11 Series: Where Were You?

As diverse as our audience is, so will be the experiences and lessons that we learned from 9/11. My goal today wasn't to share some kind of amazing story. Not possible. I don't have one. Nothing that has happened to me today or since can come close to having the impact that the events did on those that were actually involved in the events of the day. None the less, there are lessons to be learned. from our stories. Share yours.