SSA GHO 010 – Paul Leitner-Wise and making the AR-15 better

The SSA GHO is where everyday people come to help themselves understand personal security, unravel defensive training and demystify the gun.

Tonight we will speak with Paul Leitner-Wise of Leitner-Wise Manufacturing.  Paul has a reputation as an innovator in manufacturing with what he himself might call a disruptive approach.  His goal is pretty simple:  to bring dependable, proven grounds to the battlefield.

Our broadcast will officially begin at 9:30 PM but I will be on the air around 9:15 for a bit of preshow chatter.  Please join us and let us know who you are and where you are from before the show and hang through the broadcast with your live questions and answers.

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  1. Carl Gustav
    Carl Gustav says:

    There is nothing wrong with DI it will go thousand of rounds without
    malfunctioning and no cleaning, even lube. The BCM Filthy 14 and dozens of
    other torture tests have proven this many times. DI is lighter and more
    accurate than any piston system, it is extremely proven with over 80
    nations fielding M16 variants for decades. Your just adding a bunch of
    unnecessary moving parts.

  2. Safety Solutions Academy
    Safety Solutions Academy says:

    The AR-15 pool is a big one with a lot of hard swimming fish.
    @PaulLeitnerWise stands out int he school. In this SSA Hangout we talk
    about the AR, how it can be made better and other fun.


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