SSA GHO 006 – Adam Wilson and Precision Rifle Training

Welcome to the Safety solutions academy where everyday people come to learn how to live a safer life through understanding personal security, unraveling defensive training, and demystifying the gun.

Tonight Adam Wilson and I will be discussing training for precision rifle shooting.  Tune in and enjoy.

This turned out to be a great conversation with Adam that dealt not only with the technical and gear issues surrounding long range shooting but also the historical and traditional aspects as well. I really enjoy talking with Adam and this Google hangout was no different.

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  1. Safety Solutions Academy
    Safety Solutions Academy says:

    Last night we had a great hangout with Adam Wilson of @1moasolutions. We
    had our largest group online with us with some great interactions and
    questions. Thanks to Adam for taking the time to talk with us. Watch the
    video and find out about training opportunities with Adam.

  2. wesleyb80
    wesleyb80 says:

    You said 600rds of ammo? So $650 for the class and $1400 in ammo for what
    I shoot is that right? that seems like alot.

  3. Safety Solutions Academy
    Safety Solutions Academy says:

    +wesleyb80 you should be able to get into some match grade ammo for a .308
    for just over $1.00 a round. I’m not going to say for a second that there
    isn’t an investment there. At the same time it is a value.

  4. Safety Solutions Academy
    Safety Solutions Academy says:

    Adam Wilson of @1MOASolutions claims to be a knuckle dragger. I call B.S.
    He has lots of intelligent things to say on this SSA Google Hangout. If you
    are a patriot, you will love the discussion on the Tradition of the
    American Rifleman.

  5. Safety Solutions Academy
    Safety Solutions Academy says:

    +wesleyb80 Good News! 200 rounds TOTAL for the three days. I thought it
    was 200 per day. I hope that puts things back in your range!


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