0337 – Warrior Summit Safer Faster Knife Defense Program with Alessandro Padovani

The Warrior Summit is getting closer and today we are going to talk with WS instructor Alessandro Padovani of Safer Faster Defense.  Ale is an expert close in and had extensive experience studying and teaching unarmed skills, close quarters, defensive handgun skills through the combat focus shooting program and is the developer of the Safer Faster Knife Defense Program.  Take a listen to hear Alessandro’s thoughts about knives, training and the Warrior Summit.

Safer Faster Knife




Sponsor of the Day: Warrior Summit

Warrior Summit and Alessandro Padovani’s Safer Faster Knife Defense

Knives are a very common item to find in or on the pockets of those individuals that take responsibility for their safety and the safety.  Knives are certainly handy tools both for daily use and for purposes of self-defense.  One of the issues I see, however, is that because knives are so common that people assume their everyday familiarity with their every day carry knife automatically  translates to competence in the defensive use of that same knife.  This assumption is far from correct.
Hitting a heavy bag doesn’t make you a prize fighter and cutting fruit and cord with your carry knife doesn’t mean that you are ready to defend yourself or your loved ones with your blade should the need arise.
In this interview we talk to Ale about the characteristics that matter in a quality defensive knife, the challenges we face in training for the defensive use of a blade and much more.
Please take a listen to the podcast and share it with those that might be interested in defensive knife use and make sure to head over to Warrior Summit to get yourself registered for Alessandro’s Safer Faster Knife Defense course and the other outstanding training opportunities at the Warrior Summit in NE Ohio this Labor Day Weekend.


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  1. maryanne
    maryanne says:

    My family and i just finished a two day defensive handgun course / CCW course with Paul, and we could not have been more satisfied with his methods of teaching, his philosophy, and his unique ability to see what the weaknesses and abilities of each student are and use his knowledge and training to give that individual the tools and understanding of what he/she needs to work on, to become a more proficient and effective shooter. We all thoroughly enjoyed his intense training and the passion the he possesses to inspire each person, and, as a result, help each individual achieve a higher level of competency and understanding . We all look forward to future classes with Paul !!


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