Welcome to the Paracord Section of the Website

Parachute Cord, also known as Paracord, is an AMAZING substance. It is highly versatile mulch-filament cord made from nylon that has thousands of uses. This is a MUST have by anyone that is into survival and emergency preparedness. With its strength, light weight, and long-lasting properties, this product can help out in regular situations.

Paracord is made with a flexible outer braided nylon wrapper which holds seven strong nylon cords inside. Due to this, the combinded breaking strength of the outer sheath and the internal 7-strands is a minimum of 550 pounds. For this reason, some call it “550-cord”

Paracord comes in a variety of colors and can be cut to any length. The inner strands (“guts”) can also be pulled out (“shucked” if you will) and deployed in several different uses.

Military Paracord Specification requires the cord to be incredibly light. With standard cord, 1 pound of cord should be at least 225 feet!

Paracord Bracelets

One of the most common ways to carry paracord with you is in a paracord bracelet! For each inch of the bracelet, you can carry between a foot to foot and a half of cord to have it on hand for use.

There are several different ways to make paracord bracelets. Below you will find videos on some of the most popular! Please remember that the intent of this page is for those that have purchased our “Make your own paracord bracelet kit” but is also a good resource on how to make the bracelets in general.

Solomon Bar

[youtube Fvr4rb0X8rQ]

Stiched Solomon Bar

[youtube SRgM578LJdA]

Clover Leaf or Cross Knot Bracelet

This is one of the coolest knots I’ve seen — but also one of the most time-consuming. We’ll get this one setup as a video soon! For now, there is a link to Stormdrane’s blog on it: http://stormdrane.blogspot.com/2011/05/cross-knot-paracord-bracelet-and.html

Woven Cord Bracelet

And another one from Stormdrane. Simple knot but pretty cool looking in a single color: http://stormdrane.blogspot.com/2009/01/woven-paracord-bracelets-one-strand-two.html

Tire Tread

[youtube PTldzerpjps]

Bonobo Bar

[youtube LaJUGpI4wVI]

Backbone Bar

[youtube sKSRp4OhlUI]