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PDN DVDRecently Rob Pincus and I had the pleasure of sharing a live fire range at Paul-E-Palooza II, a memorial training event for the children of the late Paul Gomez.  Rob and I taught the concepts and principles of Combat Focus Shooting to a couple dozen students during an intro to CFS class. It had been a good bit of time since I had sat down to enjoy a conversation with Rob and I wasn’t surprised that it ran well into the next morning.  Some where late in the night we decided we needed to get together over the air waves and catch up with what has been going on with Rob, the Personal Defense Network DVD release,  I.C.E. Training , Combat Focus Shooting and his insane finale to the Personal Defense Network Training Tour.

The Scope of the Personal Defense Network

The Personal Defense Network is a serious player in the area of content creation in the personal defense niche.  There is no doubt that their formula of assembling content from highly qualified instructors from individual disciplines and assembling them into a congruent library is a winning strategy.

In addition to the 80 DVD’s that are part of the PDN library, the Personal Defense Network has an active online presence that is an outstanding resource.  The site includes, articles from high end instructors on top priority subjects, streaming videos that compliment the written content, and downloadable video products at well.

All of this is divided into two parts.  A free content area that is available to all and a premium members only section with what would be considered premium content.

In February of 2014 PDN asked me to film a Premium Members segment on Student Evaluation in the Advanced Pistol Handling course I was teaching in the Phoenix area.

You can view a priview of that video here. The preview is short, but it gives you an understanding of the type of content featured and the quality video and audio that PDN brings to the table.  It really is outstanding.

When you consider the written content, the free videos, the premium membership videos and the DVD Library there is no question that Rob Pincus and PDN are firmly entrenched in the world of defensive educational content.

Personal Defense Network DVDs:  Reviews of the 14 New Titles

I have only had the newest Personal Defense Network DVDs in hand for about 10 days and so I haven’t dug deeply into the content yet.  As I do, I will post reviews of the PDN DVD Titles right here to this page.  So please make sure you check back often.

As you look at the titles, if you see something that catches your attention, follow this link to the ICE Training store and you can pick up that title and add it to your collection.  In addition, you can check out the other 65 or so titles offered.  I was able to twist Rob’s arm and obtain a discount for our community.  Enter “SSA15” for a 15% discount on ANY videos in the ICE Store.

In addition to the ICE Store, You can purchase Personal Defense Network DVD Sets and the PDN Site.  This might be a good way to obtain several DVDs on a single topic at a good price.

These Reviews aren’t in any particular order.  I scooped them off of my desk top and started typing.

Back Up Guns:  Selection, Carrying & Training

Lead Instructor: Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus is a professional trainer, author, consultant and Executive Editor of the Personal Defense Network.  He teaches and consults on training for military, law enforcement, private security and provides training to all those interested in developing efficient firearms, tactical operations and defensive skills.

As should be expected, Rob approaches the age old topic of back up guns from a different angle than most.  The DVD begins with a logical look at back up gun selection.  Important factors such as consistency, method of carry and holster selection are covered with enough depth to get you thinking about your personal or professional situation related to the back up.

Rob then takes a look at the possibility of carrying a “secondary gun” instead of a back up.  The benefits of this option are clearly laid out and supported as the PDN DVD continues.

The real meat of the DVD comes when Pincus dives into the realistic training methods that surround a back up or secondary gun.  Rob clearly demonstrates how to conduct your practice in a manner that helps to bring the use of the back up or secondary into a realistic realm.

As a side note, Instructor, friend and fellow PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham published an insightful article about back up guns recently.  If you are wondering if you should be carrying a back up gun, you should read this.

Grant also reviewed the DVD!  You can (and should) read Grant’s review here.

After watching this 12 chapter video it will be clear how to select, carry and train with that firearm in a realistic manner.  If you carry a back up gun the Personal Defense Network has the resource you need.

You can purchase this video in the ICE Store.


Grip Strength Development

Lead Instructor: Mike Gillette

Mike Gillette is a speaker, Author, Inventor and Peak Performance Coach.  Mike’s ideas are innovative and task specific.  He deals specifically in the video with developing the grip strength of your hand which can be beneficial with or without your defensive handgun in your hand.

In a self-defense scenario, grip strength can help to increase your ability to strike, grasp your opponent, protect your loved ones and control your defensive tools including managing the recoil of your concealed carry handgun.  All of these tasks can be very important in a violent encounter and as a result we should try to maximize our potential strength from the elbow down.

Training the Extremities

  • From the elbow down there are many small joints
  • These joints make our wrists and hands flexible
  • And able to move in many directions
  • Crushing Grip
    • whole hand wrapped around an object
  • Pinch Grip
    • picking up a flat object
    • can be open
    • or closed
  • You must also focus on the strength of the extensors of the back of the hand.

Mike is very clear to point out that when training the extremities it is important to approach things from a balanced aspect.  This will help to not only maximize strength but also prevent injury.

In that vein, Mike begins with proper techniques to warm up the areas where we will be focusing our training.  Warm up and training needs to be gradual and balanced and needs to include both hands which makes a lot of sense when it comes to personal protection.  In self-defense we can’t ever predict what hand we were going to need to to use to protect ourselves or those that we love.

Throughout the video, Mike is careful to provide some warm-up and training options that are very inexpensive so that financial issues won’t be in the way of training the strength in your extremities. In additions, the exercises are presented in a progressive manner.  Exercises are available from warm up, to easy, moderate and advanced so that there are opportunities for everyone to improve their grip strength.

Crush Grip and Pinch Grip

Training your crush grip may be one of the more common grip strength training processes.  Typical crush grip strength trainers are commonly used in several orientations and fashions,  each of which is covered thoroughly.

In addition to modern spring trainers ancient techniques for enhancing grip strength are explored with both modern materials and some non-conventional tools.  The techniques are demonstrated both as technique specific and technique supportive exercises.

The techniques, tools, exercises all fit together to create a balanced approach to grip strength that looks like a challenge and a whole lot of fun at the same time.

That was a perfectly good frying pan…

Immediate Emergency Medicine

Lead Instructor: Caleb Causey

Caleb Causey is the OwnerDirector of Training of Lone Star Medics, in Arlington, Texas.  Safety Solutions Academy will be hosting Caleb for a two day medical  course on March 7th and 8th of 2015.  Make sure to stay tuned for this outstanding training opportunity.

If you are really interested in your own personal safety and the well being of those that you love, this needs to be the next Personal Defense Network DVD purchase you make!

You see, we tend to be so focused on the violence itself that we lose perspective on the realities of life. It isn’t violence itself that we fear. It is the consequences. These consequences can be severe and if not dealt with, irreversible. Add to that the idea that we could face similar consequences even if we are never exposed to the violence that we train for and the picture is crystal clear. Medical training needs to be a top priority.

This video provides a solid conceptual look at why you need Immediate Emergency Medical Training, what equipment you need, why you need it, and how you can carry it efficiently so you have it when you need it. Most importantly, this Personal Defense Network DVD teaches you when and how to use this simple gear to save a life.

This is the kind of information you need when you find your life or the life of someone you love on the line.

Safety Solution Academy’s Friend, Grant Cunningham recently reviewed this DVD over at Personal Security Institute.  You should give it a look.

Below you will find an idea of the scope that this 80+ minute DVD covers along with a bunch of affiliate links to the gear you need and important resources you should check out.

Emergency Medical Equipment

What to carry, why you need to carry it and how you can carry it easily. This portion of the PDN DVD gives a solid overview of the gear you need, the gear you don’t and the gear you should avoid and why. Here are some helpful links (they are affiliate links) to the specific gear that Caleb Talks about in the DVD.

How to carry your Immediate Emergency Medical gear.

If you don’t have it with you it isn’t going to do you any good! Caleb does a nice job of making sure he covers several options for making sure that you have your gear with you. Why improvise? Instead have the right gear WITH YOU!

In this video Caleb takes a look at the TMS Ankle Rig.

Emergency Medicine Scene Safety

Simply put, if you end up injured while trying to render aid to victims, you are not a solution. Instead, you have become part of the problem. Caleb discusses how to make sure you break the tunnel vision that you may have on the injuries in the scenario and focus on eliminating the threat or other dangerous circumstances whether that is traffic, fire, violent attack or some other danger. Understand that medical aid is part of the aftermath, not the event itself.

Practical Skills

The remainder of the Personal Defense Network DVD, Immediate Emergency Medicine, deals with the practical aspects of rendering aid.

  • Patient Assessments
    • How to assess the condition of the patient
    • Finding the injuries that need to be treated
  • TQ Application
    • Misconceptions of TQ’s
    • When to apply a tourniquet
    • How to prep the TQ
    • How to apply a tourniquet
    • Common TQ errors
  • Compression Bandage Application
  • Chest Seal Application
    • Dealing with self inflicted gunshot wounds
    • Holstering and unholstering
    • When TQ won’t work
    • Hemostatic agents
  • Quick Clot
    • Differences between mil and LE/Civillian hemostatic agents
    • Myths regarding hemostatic agents
    • Evolution of hemostatic agents
    • Places where hemostatic agent can and cannot be used
    • How to pack gauze into wounds
  • Aftermath of a Medical Emergency
    • Situational awareness
    • Shock
    • What it is
    • Signs and symptoms
    • How to treat it
    • Getting medical assistance through 911

This Personal Defense Network DVDs may be one of the more important DVDs in the PDN collection. Simply put, the scope of circumstances where medical emergencies can and commonly do occur is all encompassing. The concepts, skills and tools discussed in this video are key components to survival should you find yourself or your loved ones in a medical emergency.


Violent Criminal Actors

Lead Instructor: William April

William April is Owner of April Risk Consulting and a mental health professional with significant experience in dealing with violent criminals.

Defensive Firearms Myths and Misconceptions

Lead Instructor: Rob Pincus

Maximizing Reality Based Training

Lead Instructor: Ken Murray

Ken Murray is the author of Training at the Speed of Light.

Knife Defense Against Multiple Attackers

Lead Instructor: Alessandro Padovani

Alessandro Padovani is the founder and owner of Safer Faster Defense, a lead instructor with the Combat Focus Shooting Program, and the personal Defense Readiness SPEAR System.

Alessandro is the owner of Safer Faster Defense and the developer of the Safer Faster Knife Defense System.  Ale has two feature length videos available in the Personal Defense Network DVD series.  You can check out some of Ale’s work on youtube:

Legal Considerations of the use of Non-Lethal Defensive Force

Lead Instructors: Marty Hayes and Kerry Tanner

Marty Hayes is the founder of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network and the owner/operator of the Firearms Academy of Seattle.

Kerry Tanner is a retired law enforcement officer.

Bulletproof Mind: Mental Preparation for the Coming Hard Times

Lead Instructor: Lt. Col Dave Grossman

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier and speaker in the personal defense community.

Defense in Off Balance Positions

Lead Instructor: Omari Broussard

Omari Broussard is the Owner and Operator of 10x Defense.

Volume I: Personal Safety in the Home

Lead Instructor: Kelly Muir

Grant Cunningham recently reviewed this PDN DVD.  You can read his review here.

Kelly Muir is a 5th Degree Black Belt ad the Lead Instructor at Team Karate Center, Columbus.  She is the developer of of the Instructor Revolutions Program and has been teaching martial arts for more than 25 years.  Kelly is a regular student with Safety Solutions Academy.

Interactions with Law Enforcement While Armed

Lead Instructor:  Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy Wilson has been active in law enforcement for over a dozen years and is the owner/founder of Wilson Tactical Training.

Advanced Combat Focus Carbine

Lead Instructor: Rob Pincus

Armed Home Defense

Lead Instructor: Rob Pincus

Personal Defense Network Training Tour

The Personal Defense Network Training Tour was a serious endeavor this year.  Not that it normally isn’t. Rob typically starts with the tires of the Tour Truck in the Atlantic and ends with the tires in the Pacific.  This year the dip in the Pacific was simply a little rest.  Rob, the truck and the rooftop tent made their way not just to Alaska, but to Fairbanks to teach a two day CFS Course.  Make sure you check out the podcast where Rob and I talk about his adventure and a whole lot more.



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