Paul-E-Palooza 2: Electric Boogaloo

This weekend one of the largest training seminars in the country is taking place in Garrettsville, Ohio at the Southington LE and mil Training Facility.

I will work to update this post throughout the weekend so make sure to check back often!

A National Training Event

Electric BogalooPaul-E-Palooza 2: Electric Bogaloo is a defensive training conference and fundraiser conceived to honor the late trainer Paul Gomez and to help support the children he left behind all too soon.  Electric Boogaloo is the second rousing tribute and support.  In 2012, the first Paul-E-Palooza, was a huge success raising more than $40,000 for Paul’s children.  Paul-E-Palooza 2: Electric Bogaloo is shaping up to be an amazing event as well.

Trainers and students from around the country and Canada (22 States and 2 Provinces) will spend two full days training in rural Ohio.  Class topics range from defensive minded lectures, tactical lab sessions (including dissections,) a variety of combatives courses, and of course live fire training.

 There is rarely an opportunity to train with many of the trainers that are here, let alone to have these trainers in the same location for classes and to spend time socially with such talented individuals in the defensive world.

Unique Training Opportunities

This year the event has a fresh ring to it as many of the trainers are teaching blocks of instruction that are typically difficult to find.  In 2014, training is relatively easy to come by.  What is difficult to find is quality training that firmly resides in the defensive realm.  Ask for training out of the ordinary and you might as well search for a chimera.  PEP2 is that mythical creature.

In Vehicle Combatives

Car bjjCraig Douglas (Southnarc) led a session on in vehicle combatives.  Part of this week was spent collecting less than desirable vehicles for people to get down and dirty in.  In addition to junk yard fodder, students had to opportunity to learn how to defend themselves in their personal vehicles.

You can find out more about programs that Craig offers through his company Shivworks. 

The unfortunate reality is that many of us spend a large amount of time in and around our vehicles.  When we factor in the fact that our vehicles are typically relatively valuble and highly mobile we can start to understand that vehicles are a high value target for those that are up to no good.  This makes you and I obstacles that are in the way of their successful next fix.

It’s these types of opportunities that are few and far between and at the same time they need to be a high priority if we truly want to increase our personal safety.





 In vehicle combatives








 A special thanks goes out to A&B Tire in Auburn Township, Ohio for their help in procuring these beauties! 


Discussion on caliberA Balance in Defensive Training

Claude Werner is pictured here presenting on concepts related to decision making in defensive situations.

Claude is one of many PEP2 staff members that presented a balanced weekend of training.  As the photo clearly illustrates, students had options not only in topics but also in regards to physical involvement in the event. 

If rolling around in the sand and grappling is your style, no problem.  If you prefer an intellectual discussion on topics related to personal security, all set.  Live-fire?  PEP2 has you covered there too.

Most importantly Paul-E-Palooza 2 is a chance for an individual to train across a wide spectrum of disciplines in one location at one time.  It is an uncommon occurrence to find this type of training over the course of a single weekend in a single location and it certainly is good to see students taking advantage of the rare chance.

The Industry Live-Fire Focus

With the instructor cadre that is assembled at PEP2 on of the points that I found frustrating was the tendency for students toDefensive handgun have a live-fire focus.  Live-fire sessions here are limited, in theory, to someplace around 2 dozen shooters.  Yet every live fire session was easily near double that capacity.  

This trend is a reflection of what can be seen across the defensive industry. 

Understand, I do not have a problem with live fire training.  In fact, I would argue that proper defensive handgun training is a high priority.  What I take issue with is that for many, firearms training is the only priority.

There are lots of reasons why:

  • If you need to use your gun the stakes are very high so you need to have quality training.
  • Firearms training is fun!
  • Shooting a gun is a unique experience.  How many of your friends are training with firearms this weekend?
  • The industry in general motivates us to train with our guns.
All of these things are good, however, what many miss is the idea that the gun is simply one piece of a much larger puzzle.  It’s this puzzle that Paul-E-Palooza is uniquely positioned to address.

Ballistic Lab

Federal defensive ammoOne of my favorite sessions at PEP2 was the opportunity to take a look at wounds in tissue.  A local farmer provided us with a  swine cadaver which we were able to wound and then dissect.  This really was an awesome opportunity.  Looking at the difference between a 9mm and .40 S&W (or the lack of difference.)

We were also able to look at some rifle rounds, shotgun loads knife wounds and their impact on tissue.






This is Happening Right Now

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