Magpul PMags in Stock in Limited Quantities

I wanted to let the Safety Solutions Academy Audience know that I have a small quantity of 30 round, Black, Gen M2 Magpul PMags in stock.

You can purchase them here.

Pmag CompI only have a limited quantity and have them listed a a pretty fair price so if you are interested I suggest you act quickly as I don’t expect they will be here for very long.

The PMag has been my go to mag for many years now and I have always been pleases with how they run in my rifle and I am certain that you will find them to be a great addition to your AR.


PMags have lots of benefits for you:

  • Durability – you won’t need to replace these magazines
  • Reliability – your rifle will run more reliably when you run PMags
  • Cost – these magazines are reasonably priced at $16.50 each shipped which means you can afford to buy how ever many you need.

Follow the link to order your PMags.

Thanks for taking the time to look. In the next few weeks the Safety Solutions Academy Store will be up and running and I look forward to offering more products that you want that will help you to live a safer life.

Get out there and get some training. Keep it simple and please stay safe!

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