Looking Forward to the Future

Desert Tactical ArmsToday is my first day “Back At It” after wrapping up a very successful SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada and spending a weekend with my wonderful family.

SHOT Show wasn’t just successful for SSA, but it seemed like it was successful for the entire industry. I spoke with many people who had incredibly successful shows based on orders that were placed, relationships developed and deals that were done.  I think we should expect to see 2014 be another year of growth in the shooting world.

As I think about 2014, I do it with an eye to the future.  Seems kinda silly, but I picked the hat I wore today based on that idea.  You see, it’s cold here in Cleveland.  11 degrees to be exact.  And I wanted to wear a winter hat to keep my head warm.  I looked all over the place looking for the sweet Mossy Oak camo hat that Matt Watson hooked me up with, but I’m pretty sure my wife already snagged it.  I threw on an old beater winter hat and grabbed a ball cap to keep me looking reasonable while I got my work done at the coffee shop.  I picked the Desert Tech hat on purpose for several reasons.

First of all, it is no secret that Desert Tech (formerly Desert Tactical Arms) builds some amazing rifles.  I have spent a good bit of time with the SRS-A1 Covert rifle and it really has no peers when it comes to versatility, compactness and precision.  It wins in all three of those categories hands down.  This year the most exciting thing introduced at SHOT Show was the DT MDR.  You can read about it here.  Next its important to understand how excellent the people are at Desert Tech.  They are a kind bunch that are filled with pride and innovation and excellence.  Their principles are unrivaled.  I’m sure you heard about the fact that they passed up a serious foreign military contract because it just didn’t fit with their principles.  The biggest reason I picked this hat, however, is the meaning of the logo itself.  Back in July while I was teaching some courses in Utah, I swung by Desert Tactical Arms’ operation.  I toured the facility, met the people, and had a chance to sit down with Nick Young, the CEO, for an interview.  You can listen to that here.

At the end of my time with Nick, I packed up and headed on my way, but Nick stopped me and called me back into his office. He wanted my thoughts and opinions on the name change and possible logos for the new Desert Tech.  At the DT press conference at SHOT Show, Nick talked about why he selected the new Desert Tech logo.  You see, this logo is a picture of an eye, looking through the reticle of a scope.  The crosshairs are centered on the future.  DT is all about “Tomorrow’s Weapons Today!”  That forward thinking attitude is one of the attributes that will keep Desert Tech at the top of the industry. 

Have I told you lately that SHOT Show isn’t about the guns?  It is about the people.

I haven’t worn a baseball cap in about six months.  Today when I put the DT hat on my head it reminded me that I need to be focused on the future.  That is what we will do today.  I’ll be booking flights to Phoenix, AZ to teach my first Advanced Critical Handgun Course of 2014.  I’ll be talking with folks from a prominent outdoor/hunting/fishing website about joining the team as their Defensive Shooting Contributor, I’ll be working with some of the great minds in the industry to bring new projects to bear.  I’ll be speaking with one of the largest firearms retailers in the US about moving forward with an innovative program.  It’s going to be a busy but great day.

2014 is going to be a great year, but so is 2020.  Why?  Cause I’m coming back from SHOT Show 2014 focused clearly on the future.


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