Improving Your Revolver Shooting Through Grasp Pressure

There is no doubt that shooting a revolver has its challenges, and one of the more important to overcome it the ability to make fast and accurate follow up shots. The good news is that you can help to improve both the fast and the accurate aspects of your shooting with one simple exercise that doesn’t even require you to fire a single round out of your revolver or go to the range.

In this video, Grant Cunningham explains and demonstrates that with just a little bit of work you can improve your grasp pressure and as a result you can improve the accuracy of each shot you take with your revolver and the speed that you can make follow up shots. Getting fast hits is really what the shooting is all about. Hits are what stop threats and the faster you get those hits, the more quickly you will be able to stop your adversary. Since that is our goal and improving grasp pressure will help get us there, it is a no brainer, and these are the kind of skills you will learn at Grant’s Threat Centered Revolver Course. Registration is open now. You can sign up and find all the details at

Grasp pressure is particularly important when we look at accuracy and shooting revolvers because of the drastic difference there tends to be between the overall weight of the gun and the weight of the trigger. If you figure that your average revolver weighs 1-2 pounds and then consider that the trigger weight is 10-12 pounds, it means that the force you need to press the trigger is 5-12 pounds GREATER than the mass of the gun itself. This results in a gun that has a tendency to move in your grasp while you are pressing the trigger. The results aren’t hard to imagine. Misses. When we are dealing with a firearms that has a limited capacity and is complex to reload we can’t afford misses.

It is easy to see that increasing our grasp strength is going to increase our accuracy and ability to get hits. But, what about faster follow up shots? Some of the same issues are at play.

Think about the mass of that revolver… Again, pretty light weight especially the revolvers that you are most likely to carry concealed.

When we consider the recoil of a .38 special in a small framed, light weight, revolver it isn’t hard to understand why recoil management is important. Revolvers are snappy. The stronger your grip, the more effectively you will be able to manage that recoil and managing recoil means faster follow up shots.

More hits faster. That is what grip strength can deliver.

Watch the video again, work on your grip strength and watch your revolver shooting improve. By the time Threat Centered Revolver rolls around you will be ready to make two days worth of fast hits.

If you think that increasing your grip strength will improve your revolver shooting, Grant has more in store for your in his Threat Centered Revolver Course. There are only 12 spots available. If you are interested in fine tuning your skills with a revolver, get registered now at

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  1. Andre Beluchi
    Andre Beluchi says:

    Wow, so it seems like the accuracy of shooting a gun depends on the grasp pressure. This piece of information is great to know and something for me to write down. I say that because later today my brother is taking me up to the shooting range to shoot some used guns of his.


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