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H&K VP9This past July I had the chance to spend several days on the range with Richard Johnson of Guns Holsters and Gear.  We had several projects on the table including the testing of several new guns.

HK VP9, the top of the list!

The gun I was most interested in getting some experience with was the Hekler & Koch VP9. This pistol is the newest and most interesting entry into the category of Modern Striker Fired Pistols.  For years the MSF guns have been dominated by GLOCK, but in recent times other manufacturers have made significant inroads into the LE and armed citizens market share of modern handguns.

Smith & Wesson and their M&P Series have been particularly successful in gaining popularity and it only makes sense that other companies want to join in on the fun.

H&K VP9 PistolH&K  may seem a bit late to the game.  In reality, however, they are the ones that started it all.  In 1970 HK introduced the VP70.  70 represented  1970, the year of the handguns introduction.  VP stoop for Volks Pistole, or the peoples pistol.  Although the pistol remained in production until 1989, it didn’t seem to live up to its name.  Instead it paved the way for GLOCK’s success in the polymer, striker fired market.

H&K seems determined to do something about that.  The new HK VP9 is a polymer framed, 9mm, striker fired handgun that in some ways seems to take things to a new level.  Its controls are completely ambidextrous at all times.  No need to swap a mag release for a lefty.  Instead, the mag release is all ambi, all the time.  The same is true for the slide stop lever.  Both the traditional left side slide stop lever and a right side lever are present so that individuals can manipulate the gun easily regardless of the hand that is running the gun.

The gun also has some rear cocking assistance bumps that may or may not be a good addition to the pistol in their current form.  The good news is they can be removed when you replace the smooth slanted rear sight with something that actually allows you to run the gun with one hand…

Richard covers the details of the pistol in a very through manner so make sure you follow this link to check out the review.

If you have an HK VP9 already and are looking for a holster, take a look at Richards comprehensive list of holsters to hold your new pistol. 

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