HexMag AR-15 Magazines

HexMag AR-15 Magazines

Hexmag polymer magazineOne of the great attributes of the AR-15 rifle is its versatility.  Everyone has the skill and ability to customize their rifle and the customization can go from simple to complex.  Whether its stocks, rails, sights, optics, lights, lasers, or cigar cutters, you can hang it off of your rifle.  Of all the accessories, the most important may not really be an accessory at all.  Magazines are an important part of your rifles function.  Without it, your rifle doesn’t run and that makes the magazine more of a necessity that an accessory.  But today, there are many magazines to choose from with different features, accessories of their own, and now, unique looks.

HexMag Podcast

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Jake and Aaron of HexMag about their products.  You can listen to the podcast below.

Features of HexMag AR-15 Magazines

Hexmag polymer Ar-15 magWhen considering AR-15 magazines reliability needs to be the first priority.  Modern manufacturing techniques and design help to increase reliability and durability to new levels.  Today, magazines can do more than just feed your gun.  The folks at HexMag have shown that they can build magazines that work, look good and even make life a bit easier in some important ways.

There are plenty of polymer magazine manufacturers for the AR-15 rifle and it’s cousins out there.  HexMag is a Colorado based company that is fairly new to the market and is committed to building quality mags for training, defensive use and use by professionals that carry rifles for a living.

The HexMag AR-15 Magazines are a full polymer body with a stainless steel spring.  Of course the follower is a no tilt follower and the magazine can easily be disassembled with no tools.  The easy disassemble encourages magazine maintenance and is accomplished through a colorful push button hexagon on the bottom of the magazine.

Here is a review of HExmag AR15 Magazines from the Firearm blog.

HExMag HexID System

Hexmag polymer magazineThe hex on the bottom of the magazine is a push-button and not only allows for easy cleaning, but it can also be swapped out for different colors.  This allows the magazine to be easily identified by color as the hex is easily visible even when the magazine is stored in a pouch.

A detailed video review of HexMags


Hexmag polymer ar magIt is these types of innovations that separate HexMag from some of the polymer magazine manufacturers that have been around for awhile.  I haven’t yet had the opportunity to get HexMags out on the range but I did have a great conversation with the guys from HexMag about their magazines, the Second Amendment and much more.  Give it a listen and keep your eyes open for more information as I have the opportunity to run HExMags out on the range.

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