Fundamentals of CFS!

<p>I had the great opportunity to take the 1-day Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting course offered by Paul at my range recently. I had read the books and the videos on CFS but there is absolutely no substitute for training with a quality instructor such as Paul. After a solid introduction to the philosophy of CFS and safety instructions, we lined up and started the live fire drills. In each drill, Paul not only taught us what to do and how to do it but, more importantly, taught us WHY. CFS is designed to work well with what the body does naturally but many of us that day were taught to shoot in a different manner than this. In short order every student was making improvements and building confidence, in large part because of the way Paul was able to give instruction in a very clear and concise manner. Each lesson taught built upon the skills developed in the previous lessons and culminates in a fantastic drill that does a great job of putting it all together in as close to a 360 degree environment as range restrictions and safety will allow. I don\\\'t think there was a single student that went home without better confidence, a better understanding of their skill level and what is needed to use a firearm efficiently and effectively in a self defense situation. I know I found areas where I need to improve and now know how to do so. Finally, we wrapped up the day with a debriefing in which we could offer feedback and ask any remaining questions. I think this aspect of the day was every bit as important as the drills because it was here that we had a chance to process all the information we took in during the day. Taking this course and not staying for the debrief would really cheat you, the instructors and the other students out of an important part of learning. We are looking forward to Paul returning so we can get further instruction with the full 2-day CFS course.</p>

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