FrogLube, Meet Caracal F, Caracal F, Meet FrogLube

This past week I took some time to get the Caracal F ready for extended testing.  One of the standard procedures we will use for extended testing of our T&E Guns is the use of FrogLube on the action of the gun.

We got our FrogLube from our friends at Survival Gear Bags.

There are a couple of reasons why I’ am choosing FrogLube:

  1. I feel like I need a standard lubrication procedure to test the guns on a level playing field
  2. I like FrogLube and it needs to get tested as well
  3. Bringing a gun cleaner and lube into my house that is FOOD GRADE substance means a safer cleaning experience for me and my kids!

The video gives you a quick peek at how I FrogLube my pistols and it also gives you a look at the guts of the Caracal F pistol.

You will see more content relating to both FrogLube and the Caracal F.

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