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Unarmed Combatives Training Day

Saturday, July 23, 2016 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT

- $149

If you want to increase your personal safety eventually you realize that having the ability to use your body to defend yourself is a high priority.  If you are looking for a practical and effective self-defense/personal protection training program in the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area, look no further. 

The sole mission of Steadfast Defense, the Cleveland Shivworks Training Group, and Safety Solutions Academy, is to provide you with the most state-of-the-art personal protection training in the Firearms/Personal Protection Industry.  The best training gives you the best chance to survive a violent encounter and as a result, gives you the confidence you need to lead a safer, more pleasant and more confident life.

When you attend an Unarmed Combatives Training Session with Safety Solutions Academy and Steadfast Defense, you will be immersing yourself in a learning environment that is starkly different from most self-defense classes.  You will be learning critical striking, wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu skills that will work when you need them to most, in a fight for your life on the streets.

The skills will be presented by expert instructors in a layered approach so that you learn quickly.  When you learn and practice these skills it won’t always be with a submissive partner.  Instead you will learn to use the skills against an aggressor who progressively increases resistance.  This carefully designed curriculum will build solid skills that work when you need them to and a realistic confidence in your ability to protect yourself and those that you love.

The skills listed below will be taught in an 8 hour long session for maximum exposure to concepts and skills.

Training equipment such as boxing gloves, protective headgear, training guns and training knives will be provided for the class. NO LIVE WEAPONS ARE PERMITTED WITHIN THE TRAINING SPACE. Pat downs of all participants will be conducted to ensure a sterile training environment and will be implemented at the beginning of each session.

Threat Recognition & Management

The best form of personal protection is to see the possibility of an assault emerging and to escape and evade the possible assault before it even gets to that point. This segment is all about the tactics, as well as the mindset, that we need to even be aware that a potential criminal assault is imminent. 

Ambush Defense and the Default Position

This segment will help us survive the initial first seconds of an ambush attack in extreme close-quarters, keep us conscious and also help us to stabilize ourselves in order to take back the initiative by bringing aggression, skill, and if need be, the judicious use of defensive tools to the fight.

Combative Draw stroke

This module will cover a two handed and one-handed pistol draw stroke from concealment which will address shooting from various ranges within extreme close quarters; such as retention shooting and shooting with varying degrees of extension and compression in our draw presentation, based on the proximity of the threat.


This module will introduce a very high-percentage, preemptive strike that is not reliant upon physical attributes, as well as the striking techniques found in Western Boxing and Muay Thai.

In-Fight Weapons Access
(Vertical & Grounded Entanglement)

The In-Fight Weapons Access module takes a realistic look at the dangers of attempting to access a weapon too early in regards to a criminal assault within 0 to 5 feet. Those who choose to carry defensive tools need to satisfy the timing and positional requirements necessary for robust deployment of their weapon amidst the chaos of an entangled struggle, so that the weapon will not be dropped due to a fouled draw stroke or grabbed and taken by the attacker.

Unattached Edged Weapon Use

This module is for anyone who chooses to carry a small tactical folding knife or a small fixed blade as a part of their everyday carry gear (EDC). In addition to dispelling myths associated with “knife-fighting”, we will look at defensive knife choice and placement, conventional and reverse grip, targeting priorities, and edge and point-driven methodologies. This segment will also include training with reverse-edged knives and understanding its game-changing efficacy within extreme close quarters.

Weapon Disarms (Pistol & Knife)

This module will focus on a very high-percentage empty-hand knife disarm, as well as handgun disarms from varying arms-length distances and placement of holds. These disarms will be trained with progressive resistance, against a non-compliant aggressor who has an opposing will.

Firearm Retention
(In Holster & Out-of Holster)

Here we will develop the skills needed to defend our handgun from being taken out of our holster by an aggressor during an extreme close-quarters entanglement. We will also train handgun retention skills when someone has successfully grabbed our gun when it is out of the holster.


Pat downs of ALL participants will be conducted to ensure a weapon free training environment and will be implemented at the beginning of each session.


Saturday, July 23, 2016
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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