Endura 4 with Emerson Wave for Defensive Carry by Ian Strimbeck

Spyderco Endura 4 w/Emerson Wave Opener

Having personally trained in the formalities of edged weapon defense from various types of systems, the company Spyderco comes up extremely often. From their wide array of folders to fixed blade options, an affordable price as well as their overall durability it’s a no-brainer to have a Spyderco in your collection. One folder specifically called the “Endura” has been around since the 1990’s when Spyderco were the first ones to develop the concept of lightweight, clip-carry folders.

You can purchase the Spyderco Endura 4 with Wave Opening feature here.

Specifications Emerson Wave opening


  • Open Overall Length: 8.78 inches
  • Closed Overall Length: 4.98 inches
  • Weight: 3.7 ounces


  • Length: 3.80 inches
  • Thickness: 0.118 inches
  • Material: VG-10
  • Grind: Saber
  • Edge: Plain


  • Material: FRN
  • Lock Type: Back Lock
  • Clip: 4-position



Spyderco Endura 4 Emerson openingThe Endura is the staple of Spyderco’s various options of blades that they offer. Whether you just carry a folder for everyday tasks or actually use it specifically as a trained self-defense tool, the Endura is your best bet for an inexpensive and durable pocket folder. With its designation “4” this is obviously the 4th generation of Endura’s that have been created by Spyderco. Over the years they have been updated through new handle material, blade material and new locking designs. One thing has remained the same though, its inexpensiveness, ergonomics and lightweight design.



As with all Spyderco folders, they are known to have their trademark “Spyder Hole” in order for your thumb to actuate a firm and efficient deployment of the blade. The Endura 4 with the Emerson Wave is no different, except this model has another option that can help you even more especially while under extreme duress. Ernest Emerson, owner of Emerson Knives developed a patented  wave opening design that is seen on virtually all of their folders. It’s called the “Wave Opener” or sometimes referred to as a Remote Pocket Opener. It’s basically a pronounced “lip” near the back of the top of the blade near the pivot point. If removed from the pocket with urgency, the wave opening feature catches on the user’s pocket thereby deploying the blade. This is especially useful in a worst case scenario and if we understand some of the body’s natural reaction under stress, this tiny feature will aid the user tremendously. It also makes as a mighty fine bottle opener too.


Handle and Locking Mechanism

 Spyderco wave opening lockThe ergonomics on the Endura 4 Emerson Wave’s  grip are fantastic and feel phenomenal in the hand. Whether the user has big or small hands, the overall thin width will aid to form an extremely tight grip. The FRN material used in the grip also has a very light form of stippling on it, thereby giving the user more contact with the grip if encountering water, dirt or bodily fluids. The “pommel” or bottom of the grip sticks out just enough for the user to utilize as an impact device if situation dictates as well.

After trial and error as well as handling various brands of pocket folders, I have found out that there are a multitude of different types of locking mechanisms out there on the market. The back lock utilized by the Endura is inexpensive, durable and it flat out works. My only qualm is if involved in a clench situation where you are literally fighting over your knife with an assailant, the user may inadvertently depress the lock and have it fold back in on them. I have personally never seen this occur but the possibility is there. That’s why I am personally more of a fan of the traditional liner locks, ball bearing locks, compression locks or the AXIS locks found on various Benchmade brand folders.




 The clip found on the Endura is nothing too special, just a traditional black painted, metal clip. The Endura has 4 separate mounting positions for it, so whether your left or right handed and prefer either point up or point down carry you will have no problem adjusting it for your personal set up. One thing to note though is that after consistent wear in the pocket, the clip tends to come loose. So if this does occur obviously retighten or just apply some Loctite for added measure.


Wrapping Up

The Spyderco Endura 4 w/ Wave Opening feature is a great buy for anyone that would like to own an affordable, lightweight and durable pocket folder. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, EMT, avid outdoorsmen, edged weapon practitioner or just someone who wants a pocket knife to complete everyday tasks the Endura will answer your call.

Purchase your Endura 4 with the Emerson Wave and make sure that you have a quality defensive knife that works well in the worst case scenario.


Ian Strimbeck is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, where he conducted training to host nation forces in small-unit tactics as an Infantry Rifleman. During that time he attained experience in combat and security operations and has held every position in a fire team from SAW Gunner to Team Leader. Ian has been in multiple high-tension environments during his time in the military. He has been deployed twice, once in support of OIF and the other in support of the 22nd MEU. (Marine Expeditionary Unit) He attained certification as a NRA Basic Firearm and Mass State Police Firearms Instructor in July of 2011, and then as a Certified Combat Focus Shooting Instructor in November of 2011. He has worked at Down Range Firearms Training since 2011. Ian is currently attending college in order to obtain a major in communications with a minor in psychology. He also works Executive Protection services for Resolute Security Group. (formerly Corporate Resources Group)

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