Defensive Firearms Training Survey

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We are always working to increase the value of the training courses that we offer our students.  To do so, it helps to understand the needs of those that trust us with their training.  If you would like to train with SSA or if have trained with us in the past, please tell me a bit about your training plans for the year.

This survey is a result of an opportunity that has presented itself to SSA.  Your input will directly effect how we present this opportunity to our customers.

Thank you for taking a few moments and completing this quick survey.  Really, it is quick. 5 questions.

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  1. Mick Wood
    Mick Wood says:

    I took your survey, attempted to sign up for shotgun class offered free online,unable to do so. Further, one survey question oddly absent: Would you attend more training classes if there were any available in your area? I live in west-central IL, and the nearest training I can find on anything remotely like a regular basis is 3-4 hours drive away, and very rare– with the exception of the occasional NRA Basic Pistol class. IL is going to have CCW this year, but has nowhere to gain training. My 2 cents.

    • PaulCarlson
      PaulCarlson says:

      Mick –
      I feel your pain with regards to Illinois and training. Contact me via email, and if we can find a range to host a course, I will be there!

      Please tell me which form you tried to use to sign up for the shotgun videos and any other info about how you were unable to sign up and I will see what I can do to get it squared away.


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