CFS 2 Day w/Pinnacle Defense, So. IN

<p>We held a Combat Focus Shooting 2 day for the memebers of our risk management team from our church, as well as opened it up to a few members of the public. Paul Carlson and Jamie Onion attended to oversee, and upon their observations, approve the active training status for an instructor. His active status has been confirmed, and the contribution to the training that Paul and Jamie offerred was very well recieved and spot on. The fact that they contributed the time to do so out of a commitment to follow up w/the prior mentioned instructor, speaks volumes about their integrity and commitment to a safe range, expert training, and verification of the people who conduct said professional services. Thanks for a great experience via Safety Solutions Academy. It is people like you that solidify our commitment and love for training others to live safer lives, learn life saving skills, and protect thier loved ones from the wolves among us. Thank you! \\\"Defendere vel Pereat\\\" Craig Weyer Pinnacle Defense</p>

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