407 - Get a grip! Improving your grip to Improve your defensive shooting.

407 - Get a Grip! Improve your grip on your defensive handgun…
Pocket CCW

406 - Pocket Carry

406 - Pocket Carry Concealed carry in your front pocket, the…
Belts for CCW

405 - Belts for Concealed Carry

405 - Concealed Carry Belts Selecting a quality belt for concealed…
MAssad Ayoob MAG40

404 - Corrections Officer Steve Kent on Violent Criminals and MAG 40 Range AAR

This past year at the SSA MAG 40 with Massad Ayoob one of…
Jocko Willink

403 - Extreme Ownership, Prioritize and Execute: Lesson from SEALS for personal protection.

It is my humble opinion that we must take responsibility for…
Dealing with the legal aftermath of a confrontation

402 - Paul Lathrop: Dealing with the surprising legal aftermath of a confrontation

We learn best by doing.  The problem with learning by doing…
S&W Plan B
Shield Plan B