Maximize Your Defensive handgun Class

410 - Easy Steps to Maximize Your Defenisve Training

410 - Make Sure You Are Prepared for Your Defensive Training…
ccw handgun fit

409 - Defensive Handgun Fit

Defensive Handgun Fit:  What is defensive handgun fit and why…
S&W M&P Shield

The Plan B for the S&W M&P Shield on Active Response Training

Today I was at the range shooting photographs for another professional…
Why Take a Training Course

408 - Reasons Why You should take a Personal Protection Course

I spent time today at another instructors course to write an…

407 - Get a grip! Improving your grip to Improve your defensive shooting.

407 - Get a Grip! Improve your grip on your defensive handgun…
Pocket CCW

406 - Pocket Carry

406 - Pocket Carry Concealed carry in your front pocket, the…
MAssad Ayoob MAG40

404 - Corrections Officer Steve Kent on Violent Criminals and MAG 40 Range AAR

This past year at the SSA MAG 40 with Massad Ayoob one of…
Dealing with the legal aftermath of a confrontation

402 - Paul Lathrop: Dealing with the surprising legal aftermath of a confrontation

We learn best by doing.  The problem with learning by doing…
Shield Plan B