interactive Pistol training system

424 - Kevin Creighton and the Rangemaster Conference, Mag-40 and the New IPTS

Today on  the Safety Solutions Academy Podcast we are going…
APX Berettas new striker fired gun
Wilson Combat EDC X9
Ankle Med Kit

421 - Pincus and I chat about the SFD Responder and a ton of other Self-Defense Topics

Today I spent some time talking with Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training…
M&P M2.0

417 - The New S&W M&P M2.0 and What Defensive Handgun Innovation Means to You.

11 years ago the Smith & Wesson M&P entered the handgun…

412 - Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Cast on the Pale Blue Dot and Industry Ethics

In this episode I talked with Daniel Shaw the host of Gunfighter…
world Series Self Defense

411 - World Series Self-Defense Lessons

411 - World Series Self-Defense Lessons What we can learn from…