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0029 – SDFAQ Working Late in a Dangerous Neighboorhood

Check out or pages on Facebook and Twitter. Remember crime knows no boundaries.  No matter where you are, no matter your level of awareness, your level of training, physical build you can become victimized by crime. We should live our lives the same way no matter where we are at. Look before you go.  Episode […]

0016 – Develop Your Warrior Mindset to Stay Safe

0016 – Develop Your Warrior Mindset to Stay Safe Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. In episode 0008 we spoke with Ian Kinder of Live Safe Academy about how it is that we can determine if our self-defense program is teaching us what we need to know to survive a violent encounter.  When I asked […]

0015 – Communicate to Stay Safe

0015 – Communicate to Stay Safe Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Everything in life is easier with proper communication. To stay safe, make sure you communicate: Before During After Any situation that might be improved by communication. Before an Emergency We don’t schedule emergencies So we have to communicate emergency plans now, before their […]

0014 – Back It In to Stay Safe

0014 – Back It In to Stay Safe Check us out on Facebook and Twitter! Also take a look at what’s going on with Jack Spirko at The Survival Podcast. Today I take a look at a simple concept to help make life a bit safer for you.  Backing your vehicle into parking spaces.

0013 – Compete to Stay Safe

0013 – Compete to Stay Safe Check us out on Facebook. USPSA IDPA Ever since there has been combat, there has been competition among warriors in combat games. Competitive shooting is no different than any other form of training. Training Gap A result of the simple fact that while training we don’t fear for our […]

0012 – Important vs. Urgent

0012 – Important vs Urgent Become a fan of SSA on Facebook. One of the most important lessons that I have learned about teaching is that when you communicate with students, your message can mean two completely different things to two different people if those individuals have a different understanding of just a few key words. An example […]

0011 – Hunting Safety

0011 – Hunting Safety Today, our special intro comes from Ted Nugent.  Fred Bear is found on Spirit of the Wild.  In addition to being a musician, Ted is also a hunter, a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense, and an author of books such as God Guns and Rock […]

0010 – Threat Cues

0010 – Threat Cues In Podcast 0009 we talked about the concept of a reactionary gap.  The reactionary gap is the time between when a threat is perceived and when the threat is upon you. The unfortunate reality is that most people perceive that they are in a violent encounter when violence is being committed against them.  Since we are law […]

0009 – Keep Your Distance to Stay Safe

0009 – Keep Your Distance to Stay Safe How Close is Too Close? by Dennis Tueller The “good guy” with the gun against the “bad guy” with the knife (or machete, axe, club, tire-iron, etc.).  “No contest”, you say. “The man with the gun can’t lose.” Or can he? A great deal depends on his […]

0008 – Find the Right Self-Defense Instructor to Stay Safe

0008 – Find the Right Instructor and Program Why by Ian Kinder of Live Safe Academy Combat training is a life and death issue. The more an individual is exposed to violence the more sensitive they are to this fact. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between training and reality that endangers practitioners and cost innocent […]