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0090 – FF Ohio State Trooper Involved Shooting

The $25 off special offer on the Warrior Summit ends tonight at midnight.  Make sure you get registered. When it comes to violent encounters we usually measure time in seconds.  Today’s Friday Films Video is a fight involving a Ohio State Trooper fighting with a suspected drunk driver.  The fight lasts 82 seconds and […]

0089 – Phones, Social Media, GeoTags

Visit the Warrior Summit, check out the details, and get registered. Those of you that listen to TSSAP know that I am a frequent user of Face Book and twitter. Recently the news has been all about Geotagging and your social media photos. Check out http://icanstalku.com/ for detailed information on how to turn geotagging […]

0088 – When it Comes to CCW it Pays to Be Consistant

Warrior Summit is approaching.  We will be at the Akron Gun Show Jan 29 & 30 and again in Medina Feb 12 & 13.  Stop by, say hello, and buy some training instead of more guns!  Register soon. Last week we talked about how the details can really effect CCW.  Today’s advice is once […]

0087 – LE Answering an Unexpected Knock at the Door

Please make sure you check out The Warrior Summit. We are planning on setting up a table at the Akron Gun Show on the 29 & 30 of Jan. and at the Medina Show the 12th and 13th of Feb. Stop by and see us. Don’t forget your checkbook so you can register for […]

0085 – FF Knife Assault

Through Friday, 1/21/2011 sign up for the Warrior Summit at a $25 discount. Knife violence is a scary proposition.  Knife attacks are fast, vicious and difficult to defend against. Take a look at today’s Friday Film to understand some of the challenges that we face when we deal with attackers with sharp weapons.

0084 – Keep Cash on Hand

Warrior Summit The list of my Every Day Carry gear is pretty long, and it always seems to be getting longer.  I am constantly evaluating my gear for equipment to add and or drop to make sure my load is efficient. One item that I have been carrying longer than any other EDC item […]

0070 – Friday Films a Video To Guarantee a Merry Christmas

Warrior Summit If your Christmas isn’t already Merry and Bright, take a look at this video. I sincerely hope that you and yours have a wonderful Holiday, and I hope that it is a bit smoother than the star of this video.

0066 – SDFAQ, Why Carry CONCEALED

Warrior Summit A common question students and potential students ask me is why they should get their CCW.  Here in Ohio, as in many states, concealed carry is just one option for carrying your self defense handgun.  The other option is open carry.  Open carry usually requires no permit, and is less regulated than […]

0052 – LE Home Security Tip

Facebook                Twitter 0052 – Listener Email Home Security Lock your doors and windows.

0032 – LE – Increase Your Awareness and Have Fun!

Take a look at our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.  We work hard to only post quality content on our social media sites.  Typically only when our podcasts are up, a quote of the day and possibly a post about any training that I’m doing that day. Saturday I’ll be out at Crooked-Creek […]