An Interview With Joshua Gideon of No Soft Targets

Concealed carry and executive protection important common ground.

In the world of self-defense and personal protection, it is common to look to the law enforcement and military worlds for guidance in equipment, accessories, tactics and mindset.  At times, this can produce some valuable insight.  I would argue, however, that at least as often (probably much more often) these areas can lead us astray when it comes to understanding how we can lead a safer life as an armed citizen.

How Executive Protection applies to Concealed carry

I believe that the average armed citizen could find much more relevant information if they were to look to another realm all together.  The executive protection world mimics the role of the concealed carry permit holder much more closely than the military or law enforcement influence that is so prominent.

In this episode of the Safety Solutions Academy Podcast we are going to talk with Joshua Gideon about the connection between executive protection and concealed carry.