American Defense Quick Detach Harris BiPod Mount for your AR-15 or Precision Rifle

Testing the Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout Rifle was certainly an enjoyable experience. The rifle is very well designed, it functioned flawlessly, shot sub MOA without effort and looked pretty sweet to boot! Interestingly, one of the aspects of the rifle that I really enjoyed was the Harris Self Leveling BiPod and the very slick American Defense Quick Detach Bipod Mount. Take a look at these cool products. If you are in need of a bipod and or a way to quickly move it from one railed rifle to another, follow the links to Brownell’s and support SSA.

Please head on over, watch the video and share it with those that you think might be interested.

Get out there and get some training. Keep it simple and please stay safe!

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