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Firearm Safety As A Concept

June is National Safety Month and I am a fan of safety. This June, however, we aren’t just going to look at safety. Instead we are going to take a close look at gun safety, because everyday is gun safety day! When we look at Gun Safety it can be helpful to approach the topic […]


0307 – The Problem with Firearm Safety Rules

In my opinion it is imperative that the student/teacher relationship is based on trust.

We are dealing with life and death issues when we deal with combatives.
The student must trust that the instructor is giving the best information possible.
Many people mistake the instructors best effort with the instructor being required to be right I disagree
The instructor has the responsibility to commit to having the best information available to provide to their students
The instructor must constantly seek to understand where they are wrong and improve the information that provide to their students


Host a Defensive Firearms Course with Safety Solutions Academy

Each year, more and more people in the Cleveland Metro Area and from around the country realize the professional quality that Safety Solutions Academy offers when it comes to Defensive Firearms Training.  Many of these people register for courses at our home location at the Southington Law Enforcement and Military Training Facility and for good reason. […]


Critical Gun Safety

Gun Safety is the most important skill set that a gun owner can have. An accident with a gun can have severe, irreversible consequences and as a result gun safety is important for anyone that spends time around guns.

What is amazing about gun safety is that knowing and understanding gun safety and applying gun safety any time you interact with guns drastically reduces the likelihood that there will be a negative incident with a gun.

One of the most important results of understanding gun safety is an increase in both your competence and confidence in gun handling skills.

Critical Gun Safety is an online course that will help you to understand gun safety regardless of your experience level with guns. Critical Gun Safety is organized to teach you the most important lessons in gun safety so that you can easily improve your skills.

Whether you teach firearms skills to others, enjoy time at the range as an enthusiast, are brand new to guns, or have never handled a gun before, Critical Gun Safety will build your understanding and your skills when it comes to gun safety!

Enroll today!



Critical Gun Safety

Critical Gun Safety The first iteration of Critical Gun Safety is live. Simply follow this link to take a look at the course details then add it to your cart! I am really excited to get the course started and am looking forward to your feedback! I will see you in Critical Gun Safety!   […]


Gun Safety

A practical approach for training and everyday defensive gun use. You have made the decision to have a defensive handgun in your life.  For most people I think that is a good decision.  It isn’t without it’s complications, however.  You must understand that an error in firearm safety could have consequences that last the rest of […]


Critical Gun Safety

Guns are tools  and like any tool, the results of their use is dependent on the application of the user.  As with any tool, the outcome of a gun’s use can be positive or negative.  Critical Gun Safety is a course that is designed to increase your understanding and ability to apply safe gun handling […]