5 Common Concealed Carry Mistakes.

CCW mistakes you need to avoid for safety.

How is it that you decide the actions you take to keep yourself and your family safe?  It is an important question that few people take the time to consider.  We all have our ideas about what actions can help use to lead a safer life, but where are those ideas grounded?  Often times, we find ourselves subscribing to conventional wisdom.

CCW Mistakes

The problem with self-defense conventional wisdom.

Simply put, often when scrutinized we find that the conventional wisdom that surrounds self defense isn’t wisdom at all.

Instead, some of the most common place concepts are half thought through and illogical.  The big problems is that when these ideas don’t work, we can suffer some pretty serious consequences.

After all, self-defense with a firearm is a life and death situation.  When you count on a poorly considered idea for self-defense, you face the potential consequence of death if it doesn’t work out your way.

Sounds pretty final to me.  That makes it worth taking a look at to see if we can understand a bit deeper than the surface.

Keep reading to take a look at my thoughts on 5 common concealed carry mistakes that you should avoid.