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437 – Chuck Haggard on J-frames and Pocket Poppers

Welcome to the Safety Solutions Academy Podcast! If you are working to sort out the complexities of personal protection, increase the efficiency of your defensive training and demystify the tools you need to keep yourself and those that you love safe then the Safety Solutions Academy Podcast is the place of you!

I am your host Paul Carlson and I am so glad have joined me today.  You can contact me by sending comments, questions and topics for future shows to paul@safetysolutionsacademy.com I would love to hear from you!

This is episode 437 of the Safety Solutions Academy podcast and in today’s episode we will be our  month of content focused on the J-frame revolver. You could think of it as J-frame January if you like.  We have 4 revolver centric podcasts recorded and ready to launch with supporting blog posts and unique video content that is certain to help you learn a thing or two about revolvers.

Last week we spoke to Massad Ayoob on revolvers you can listen to that episode by simply heading to safefysolutionsacademy.com/436 and you can stay on top of all the J-frame content by heading to safefysolutionsacademy.com/jframe

This week we will take our J-frame content in another direction as we talk with Chuck Haggard of Agile Training and Consulting.

Chuck is a career law enforcement officer who retired as a Lt. from the City of Topeka Police Department and resumed his career in LE in a rather unique situation as a LE officer, fire fighter, and air crash rescue at a Kansas airport and it’s surrounding community.

I have had the opportunity to train in and observe Chuck as an instructor in multiple courses both at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference and at Paul-e-Palooza. Several of those classes were classes specifically related to effectively shooting small guns.

Today we are going to talk about fun, interesting and educational topics such as:

  • Sleep deprivation and the problems it can cause in life and in personal safety
  • Revolvers and pocket poppers and why they were so popular
    • Back up guns and why the revolver fits so well in that role
    • Colt Cobras and Detective Specials
  • Revolvers and their reliability and is it really as good as people think?
  • The Advantages of the J-frame when it comes to
    • Concealment
    • Quick draw
  • The best defensive ammunition for short barreled revolvers and what parameters you should be looking at when selecting your ammo
  • And a ton more.

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Now let’s get into today’s show!

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