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433 – Building Shooters with Dustin Salomon

In episode 432 of the SSA Podcast I talked about Dustin Salomon’s book, Building Shooters with friend and colleague Rob Morse.  Lot’s of folks had a really positive response to the episode, including the author, Dusty.  He reached out and shared some positive thoughts about the episode and was receptive to continuing the conversation and that is exactly what we do in episode 433.


Building Shooters with Dustin Salomon

After attending the Naval Academy Dustin entered the fleet and was assigned the task of implementing a small arms qualification program in order to increase the safety of Naval ships while in port.  Dusty developed a program to introduce and qualify sailors with very few resources.

Later in the Navy Dusty found himself in a another training role where time and resources were plenty for training the sailors for their duty.  What struck Salomon was the results of the intense resource investment.  The proficiency of the students was nowhere near a linear comparison.  More resources, more time and more effort didn’t necessarily result in the same level of return.  So Dusty set out to find out why.

You can listen to the show full episode here:


Dusty, Rob and I dive into a deep conversation about firearms instruction.  We talk about all kinds of topics including:

  • Dustin’s time in the Navy, “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure!”
  • What key takeaways instructors should have from this episode
  • What key thoughts students should be focused on
  • Why is it that Building Shooters has been needed by the firearms training industry?
  • A look at the terrain of the commercial side of defensive training.
  • A look at the terrain of the human brain and how it guides learning.
  • Priming.  What it is and why it is important
  • How the brain learns
  • Short term memory and how its limits are the limits of learning
  • How we can help transfer skills from the short term memory into the long term procedural memory.
  • Dustin’s new book, “Mentoring Shooters”
  • And a ton more!


Mike Seeklander on Building Shooters – “This book should have been written years ago.”  


Dr. Jeremy Sword, Ph.D. Neuroscience- “Dustin Salomon has distilled the teaching of defensive shooting to its core elements…”


During the show Dustin shared with us his new book, “Mentoring Shooters” which had just become available on Amazon.  The book is directed toward the everyday shooting enthusiast who finds themselves in the position of expert among their non-shooting peers.  We have all found ourselves in this position.  We head to the range with family or a friend and somehow along the way we end up in the role of teacher.  The book is all about how to make a solid impact as a teacher even if teaching guns isn’t your profession.  My copy of Mentoring Shooters is on the way and I will share more with you once I receive it!


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