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424 – Kevin Creighton and the Rangemaster Conference, Mag-40 and the New IPTS

Today on  the Safety Solutions Academy Podcast we are going to chat with Kevin Creighton a gun blogger at Misfires and Light Strikes.  Kevin is also a freelance writer for Lucky Gunner, Ricochet and Shooting Illustrated.

 We chat with Kevin about my recent trip to Little Rock Arkansas and the Ringmaster Tactical Conference, the MAG-40 he will be attending in early May in NE Ohio and about a new dry fire training product he is involved in developing called the Interactive Training Pistol.

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The Rangemaster Tactical Conference was an outstanding seminar.  While there I had the chance to spend time with tons of great people, learn a ton and I had an all around fun time as well.  The Rangemaster Tactical Conference is set up in a seminar format which provides an opportunity to get a small dose of information in a wide variety of topics.  I like seminars to get exposed to new topics and to search for instructors I would like to spend more time training with.  Seminars like Rangemaster also can be great motivational tools.  I never fail to walk away with a new motivation for the self-defense world and the work that I do.


On May 4th Safety Solutions Academy will be kicking off it’s third annual MAG-40 Course with Massad Ayoob.  Kevin and I chat about the class and what he can expect when he comes up to NE Ohio to take part in the class and check it off his “Bucket List.”  This class really is a bucket list class and I am so honored to be able to host it each year!  You can find out more and get registered by following this link.


Kevin is involved with bringing a new dry fire training pistol to market and an indiegogo campaign for the IPTS launches on April 15th.  We talk a bit about the Interactive Pistol Training System and what it can do to help improve your understanding of your shooting skills.  When used properly, dry fire can be an excellent way to improve your shooting skills and there are several tools on the market that aim to improve your dry fire training.  The IPTS hopes to bring together the best aspects of them all to provide a top notch solution to your dry fire program.  You can learn more by following the link to the Interactive Pistol Training System page.


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