world Series Self Defense

411 – World Series Self-Defense Lessons

411 – World Series Self-Defense Lessons

What we can learn from the Chicago Cubs, The Cleveland Indians and the 2016 World Series

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Main Topic What we can learn from the 2016 World Series

  • Conversation with my kids
  • What it must feel like to be an Indian and a Cub
  • High Level Performers Have Common Traits
  • Dedication
  • Work Ethic
  • Passion
  • In a team sense Synergy

We can take some of those lessons to hear when it comes to our preparation for self-defense

•Cubs can sit back and feel good about what they accomplished and how they prepared.

•Cubs would be silly if they didn’t look at how things happened and worked to address weaknesses that can be identified.

•Indians need to feel proud of the success of the season, but also need to look at failures. Easier to do when things turn out poorly.

•When you have success you cannot sit on your laurels.  When you face failure you cannot wallow in despair.  You must focus on the journey and not the outcome.

•Fall in love with the hard work that will likely lead to the best outcome.


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Correlation to flight crew cockpit training and quality learning in self-defense training

Learning and ego

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