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0365 – Massad Ayoob Interview on Deadly Force

It would be nice to live in a world where a good defensive shoot was a good defensive shoot.  The unfortunate reality is that there are many things that can get involved in the legal aspect of self-defense that simply don’t belong there.  Of course sometimes people make errors, or they misunderstand, but people also attack others for political gain and in the name of “social progress.”

When you consider what is at stake when you find yourself in the legal system as the result of a defensive gun use, it makes sense to consider how you can position yourself best to avoid the potential loss of freedom and the serious financial consequences that can come from a bout with the legal system.

Massad Ayoob on Deadly Force

Massad Ayoob began writing in the firearms industry in 1971 and as an author, law enforcement officer and expert witness he quickly became the industry’s noted expert on the use of deadly force.

Mas continues his work today traveling the country and instructing law enforcement officers and armed citizens in the use of deadly force and the legal defense of the use of deadly force.  Massad Ayoob Group’s MAG-20 is a 20 hour lecture based course designed to help the layman understand the critical nuances that make self-defense law different from other forms of criminal law and for the cost of less than two hours with a top criminal attorney students are able to get a more solid grasp on self-defense law than most attorneys receive in their formal education.

Each year Safety Solutions Academy hosts Massad Ayoob for both his MAG-20 and MAG-40 course which includes 20 hours of live fire training.  Dates for the 2016 courses will be coming soon.

What you Can Expect to Learn:

  • What specific actions you can take today to reduce your legal profile should you need to defend yourself or other innocent people.
  • Defensive handgun modifications that should be avoided and modifications that are good to go.
  • What legal concepts are important to understand and where you can learn about them.
  • How to find a good attorney so that you have the legal representation you need.
  • And much more!

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