0343 – An Interview with Steve About PTSD, TBI, Missing Body Parts and Crushing Life Anyway

PTSD TBI and Living LifeI’m not going to include a lot of text with this podcast. You see, with most shows I have some sort of a goal when I start out. And I guess this show isn’t really that much different. I had a goal. With some listeners I will probably achieve that goal. At the same time, late last night editing I realized that if I try too hard to define what something is, I may very well change its meaning.

This podcast is likely to mean something different to you than it does to me. That’s ok. I hope that it has meaning. Quality meaning.

I want to give a sincere thanks to Steve who not only took time out of his schedule, but also drove a long way to meet up with me and bare his soul. Despite the fact that Steve looks at my throat when we are standing, in many ways I look up to him.

Enjoy and share with those that are willing to be inspired.

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2 replies
  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Hey Paul,

    Glad to see (and hear) you are getting back in the saddle with the casts…

    Enjoyed the last couple of casts from SHOT and really enjoyed the cast with Steve.

    Great to hear a young guy that could be just hating life but is making the best of a $hit sandwich. I only hope and pray I would be the same way.

    Excellent interview!



    • PaulCarlson
      PaulCarlson says:

      Thanks Rick. Life is crazy busy, but its posts like this that remind me shy I’m doing it all. Hope you are well. It is always good to here from the original SSA crowd. Stay safe Brother!


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