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0336 – Warrior Summit and Long Range Shooting With Army Sniper Adam Wilson of 1MOA Solutions

Sniper Adam Wilson of 1MOA Solutions

In order to help and promote the upcoming Warrior Summit this Labor Day weekend I wanted to interview each of the instructors about their courses. I started out with Adam Wilson of 1MOA Solutions and he set the bar high. Instead of recording a 30 minute infomercial for our event Adam laid out some serious information about ammo, rifles, optics and mindset related to long range shooting. Even if you have no interest in the Warrior Summit, this podcast is worth the listen.


Warrior Summit


Long Range Shooting with Army Sniper Adam Wilson of 1MOA Solutions


If you are interested in what a sniper does and how they do it, or if you want to be able to put shots on target at distance this
Adam will be teaching a Long Range course at the Warrior Summit Labor Day weekend and this podcast has a bunch of great info to help you get ready.podcast is right up your alley. Adam Wilson of 1MOA Solutions lays out some foundational information for getting the hits you need to get at long range.

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