0335 – Nick Young of Desert Tactical Arms

The DTA SRSR comes with a muzzle brake threaded to accept a supressor.

The DTA SRSR comes with a muzzle brake threaded to accept a suppressor.

When I talk about long range shooting I really am talking about a hobby that I enjoy. The gear is pretty cool and the ability to reach out and get hits at “long range” is satisfying as well. When I talk about cool gear, there is nothing cooler than the rifles that Desert Tactical Arms are producing. The Desert Tactical Arms rifles are accurate, modular and SHORT.

Recently I had the chance to to meet with my friends at Desert Tactical Arms, take a look at their facility, shoot some sweet rifles and chat with their founder and president. It is a great listen with lots of background and info about DTA and long range shooting. I hope you enjoy it!

Desert Tactical Arms

Last month I had the opportunity to spend some time out in Utah to do some teaching. While I was there I had the opportunity to spend some time with the folks at Desert Tactical Arms. We had the opportunity to meet some people, tour the manufacturing facility, make some steel clang out in the desert and most importantly sit down and talk with Nick Young the President of DTA.

Nick gave us some unique perspective into the rise of Desert Tactical Arms, why their rifles perform so well, some insight into their collaboration with Kahles rifle scopes, and a touch of insight into where Desert Tactical Arms is headed in the future.

I am not a “sniper” by any stretch of the imagination, but I must say I am a huge fan of shooting at long distances. Long range shooting has real application in my life from a hunting standpoint and because I have the resources available to train, there is some application from a defensive standpoint as well. We have seen instances where the ability of a civilian to use a rifle with precision has been imperative to their safety and security. These instances are rare and as a result it is important to make sure that long range shooting is prioritized correctly in your training.

I am looking forward to having another DTA rifle out for some testing Labor Day weekend with Adam Wilson who will be bringing 1MOA Solutions to NE Ohio to teach long range shooting at the Warrior Summit. Check out the Warrior Summit and Get registered today.

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