0329 – Considerations in Selecting the Best Defensive Firearm

017When it comes to choosing the best defensive firearms we need to spend some time working to understand why we make the choices that we make so that we can make the best decisions.  Too often our choices are based on poor advise, misunderstanding, misallocation of resources, history or tradition.  Instead, we need to base our decision off of sound information. After all we are making a high stakes decision when we talk about defensive firearms.



Quality Considerations for Choosing the Best Defensive Firearm

What we need to focus on is basing our decisions on our reality.

We must consider:
  • Our context
  • Science
  • Empirical Evidence
  • Logic and Reasoning
When it comes to Defensive firearms the handgun has it’s advantages and disadvantages just like any other platform and we must carefully consider both sides as we work to determine if the best home defense tool is the handgun.

Advantages of Defensive Handguns

  • Size
    • Portable
    • Easy to secure
  • Easy to use
    • Recoil is manageable
    • Capacity is relatively high
  • Readily available
  • Reliable versions are available

Disadvantages of Defensive Handguns

  • Less tissue damage per round than other systems
  • Precision shots take more time and effort to make
We need to make sure that when we select defensive tools we are choosing the best tools.  Our life may depend on the choice so when you are looking at a firearm for home defense think carefully about your choice and be sure to choose the best self-defense firearm for you.
If when you think about the information we have presented here a handgun doesn’t fit the bill as the best home defense tool you might want to take a look at my defensive shotgun video series.  Head to www.SafetySolutionsAcademy.com and enter you email to receive the video series directly to your in box.
Our next podcast will deal with looking at what attributes that make up the best home defense handgun.
If you are interested in finding the best concealed carry handgun, this post might be of interest regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

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