0320 – An Interview with Alessandro Padovani of Safer Faster Defense

Alessandro Padovani and his studetns from the Safer Faster Defense Knife Class at Ohio Krav Maga


Sponsor of the Day: Dale Fricke Holsters

Sponsor of the Day:

Safer Faster Defense

Welcome Alessandro!

  • Tell us about Safer Faster Defense
  • What should someone who is interested in self-defense look for in a defensive knife
  • What carry options are there for people who are interested in carrying a knife for defense
  • Fixed Blade vs. Folder which and why?
  • How is it that we can use a knife as a tool to win in a violent encounter
  • What should people look for in knife training and what should they avoid
  • Specific knife suggestions and what is it you like about those models
  • Benchmade Griptillian, Trainer
  • Spyderdo Edura 4 Wave
  • Personal Contract For Defense

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