0313 – An interview with Black Forge and Time Kruse at NASGW 2012

Black Forge makes truly custom AK-47 variants.


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Black Forge

I was pretty excited to talk to the folks from Black Forge where they make, quite simply, the baddest AK47’s on the planet! They start with a Ukrainian VEPR by Molot.

These are heavy duty 1.5 mm RPK receivers with ultra heavy bull barrels, much thicker and more robust than any other AK on the market today. Veprs are the most accurate and the toughest AK made, period. Then they chop it down and mix it up with the toughest, most functional, and the coolest tactical parts on the market. Unlike those other builders (…you know) who make one flavor, and that’s that; Black Forge offers a few models off the shelf, but we invite you to mix and match parts for a truelly one of a kind rifle.

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  1. Mike F
    Mike F says:

    I would like to comment on the rifle photo shown in conjunction with the Black Forge interview with the caption “Black Forge specializes in true custom AK variants”. Black Forge did not build that rifle – I am not commenting on their capabilities – just that they did not have anything to do that rifle or the photo, although the caption might lead people to believe that they did. The AK-type rifle and photo shown with your Black Forge interview information are mine. The photo was probably taken from avtomats-in-action.com, specifically this webpage: http://www.avtomats-in-action.com/pro21.html Please give proper accreditation for the rifle and photo or remove it from your website.

      • Mike F.
        Mike F. says:

        Thanks for the source info. I had no idea that a third party had taken the photo w/o permission and posted it on wikipedia as their “own work”. It was completely reasonable of you to grab it from there. I’ll follow up with them about the photo.


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