0305 – Can’t we all just get along?

I try to stay away from the nasty stuff.  I don’t select my topics from Google Key Word searches.  I don’t troll the forums looking for a ripe bone to pick.  Yes, I’ve posted about 9mm vs. .45 and why I don’t carry a .40.  In addition, I do not think 1911’s are appropriate defensive handguns.  I hope, however, that when I do talk about the “tough stuff.”  I do so with respect.  If not, do us all a favor and set me straight.

I have to say I simply don’t understand what all the infighting is about.  How well do you get along with the rest of the gun community?  That is what we are going to touch on today.  Really, can’t we all just get along?


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We Face Threats From Outside Our Community

  • State and Federal law
  • concealed carry legislation
  • arbitrary weapons restriction
  • Executive policy
  • International treaties (Arms Trade Treaty)
  • organizations that are anti-2A
In General, we have been very successful fighting off these threats in recent years.

So We Fight Each Other Instead


  • Fudd
  • Tactard
Self-Defense Community Divides as well:
We need to understand group dynamics and what happens when we are successful with outside challenges.
  • Howard Stern vs. the FCC
  • Michigan gun owners group
  • If you are involved in a Dynamic Critical Incident when the bad guy is down do you immediately transition to the nearest good guy?
  • Become aware and stop your silly behavior.

I refuse to fall prey.

What you see as a tactard, I see as a potential student.
  • Good for me because it increases my student base
  • Good for the student as they have the opportunity to get some quality training
  • Win-Win is what we are after isn’t it?

Is Your Ego in Check?

Maybe ego is the problem?

  • We all need to be working to improve what we are doing
  • We need to have minds that are open to the ideas of others
  • We need to be willing to let go of what we discover is wrong
  • We need to be Respectfully Irreverent
  •  Quit being a cry baby
  • Understand why you do what you do and be confident in your choices
  • But, when you find a better justification for doing something else cut your losses and move on!


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