0302 – Training and Practice Dangers We Ignore

When it’s training time there are certain risks that immediately come to mind.  I don’t even think about live fire without a good back stop, eyes and ears.  When its time to go hands on, I always wear my mouth guard and depending on the level of the folks I’m working with and the planned activities, we gear up from there.  In my experience there are issues that we come across in training that are obvious safety issues and then there are the more subtle issues that need to be dealt with.  Today we are going to focus on the subtle side and talk about the training and practice dangers we ignore.


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  • Memorial  Day

Training Dangers

In my opinion in the self-defense training industry we focus on the “glamorous” dangers to the exclusion of many of the more likely risks we face in our environment.  Don’t get me wrong, we need to talk about the reality that things can go wrong in self-defense training.  Let’s face it, any time we train with guns, the risk is there that someone could get shot.  There is no way to bring the risk to 0.  When we train with unarmed skills it is completely possible that some one could get their bell rung.  Yes we should take precautions to try and prevent these situations, but in my opinion the trainers and trainees can’t stop there.

The Sun

  • Sunburn
  • Dehydration
  • Heat Related Illness

Training Props

  • Steel Targets
    • Falling Steel
    • Jacket Fragments
  • Staples
  • Splinters


  • Severe Weather
  • Shelter

Physical Fitness

  • Injury
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Smoking

Responsibility for Mitigation

  • Safety is the responsibility of the instructor
    • Benefit of course content and exercises needs to SIGNIFICANTLY outweigh the risks.
    • Risk cannot be eliminated
    • The instructor can’t control the environment
  • Many of the issues discussed move into the realm of Personal Responsibility
    • Know the risks
    • Know how to mitigate those risks
    • Prepare to deal with a range of circumstances
    • Know your personal limits
    • Stay within those limits



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