0301 – Having the Guts to Cut the Cord

Life is full of struggles! Some are physical, some are intellectual, some are financial, some are emotional. The list of challenges we face goes on and on and what amazes me is how often we get in the way of solving our own problems. Right now I am realizing that I am in the midst of making some ridiculously painful decisions regarding my pickup truck. The process that I am going through reminds me of something that I often see my students struggle with in class. So, today we are going to talk about my 1995 Dodge and training.


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The Back Story

10 years ago I bought a 1995 Dodge

  • Not an expensive truck, but a solid one
  • Invested in it
  • Took pretty good care of it
  • Really like this truck

Right now it is probably worth $1000 and needs $3500 in repairs…

  • I’m inclined to write the check
  • Emotional attachment

How does my pickup truck tie into training?

When I teach I see lots of things that can get in the way of student learning.  Often times one of the issues is some kind of an attachment to a piece of equipment, an idea or a concept that keeps a student from opening themselves up to new ideas.  Our commitment to things we should let go come in many forms.

Financial Commitment

Physical Commitment

Mental Commitment

Ego Commitment

Emotional Commitment

If we have the courage to jettison old ideas, equipment and anything else we are invested in when we discover our connection to them is improperly based we will improve.  Otherwise we will be frozen in time.

How my pickup truck differs from self-defense training.

  • As long as my truck is road worthy, there is no issue with me fixing my truck other than a bad financial decision.
  • With self-defense training, our lives are on the line.
  • There is no room for compromise in S-D Training.
  • Our self-defense training and equipment decisions must be based on:
    • Science
    • Empirical Evidence
    • Logic
    • Reasoning
  • You are literally risking your life if you are basing your self-defense decisions on:
    • History
    • Tradition
    • Finances
    • Emotion
    • Ego
    • Social buy in
    • etc
Take the time and invest the energy into discovering why you are invested in what you are invested in.  When you find out that your investment is grounded in something other than Science, evidence, logic or reasoning, for goodness sakes, have the courage to cut the cord when something better comes a long.
Any one want to buy a 95 Dodge with a Cummins B12, and a built billet tranny?

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