0298 – AAR ICE Training’s Extreme Close Quarters Tactics Course Day 2 and the Skill Development Cycle

It seems like it has been months since I fought my way through the Extreme Close Quarters Tactics Course as this is the busiest time of the year in the industry and I have been hopping which of course is great news.  I wanted to get this podcast out ASAP so that I am able to give a good picture of what the course was like, and how you might be able to benefit from The ECQT Course oferend by ICE Training.  So take a listen to some background, how day 2 looked, some information about the Skill Development Cycle and who should think about taking the ECQT Course


ICE Training Extreme Close Quarters Tactics Course AAR Day 2

History of the Course:

2000-01: Course inception/development during SWAT Training Courses, integrating unarmed skills with sim guns.

2002-03: Specific course developed “ECQT” (2 day) for open enrollment.

2004-2007: Close Quarters Counter Ambush (5day) program run for various military special operations and swat teams (US Army Special Forces and Naval Special Warfare)

2008-2009: A handful of courses run for NSW and USASF at locations on the east coast.


Skill Development Cycle

  1. Learn Skills in as much Context as possible
  2. Develop skills IN CONTEXT
  3. Evaluate skills through simulations and or scenarios

Learning CQ Live Fire Skills

  • Familiarization
  • Safety

Gun Retention

Skill Development in Context

Increase of Speed

Increase of Force

Increase of Context


Application of Skills


Who Should Take The ECQT

Typically, not the folks that take it.

Remember to:

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