0289 – Caracal F 9mm Striker Fired Pistol Range Trip with Stoppages

As many of you know there was a good bit of excitement at SHOT Show 2012 regarding the Caracal F.  This pistol was imported in 2008 or 9 for a short time and Caracal has established Caracal USA to jump start the US market.  the Pistol was billed as a simple, reliable 9mm striker fired gun that can run with the big boys.  That is a pretty bold statement and there are lots of folks, myself included who are interested in finding out if the statement holds up.  This past weekend I took the Caracal with me on a trip to the range to keep working toward the answer.


The Caracal F and the GoPro Hero 2

The purpose of the trip was:

  • To get some trigger time in
  • Get my FIL out to the range
  • Test some possibilities for shooting the Caracal with the GoPro
  • Put some more rounds through the Caracal


At first I was certain that the stoppages were my fault.

  • Had a bunch of stuff hanging off the rail of the pistol
  • Have had experience with polymer rail junk induced failure
  • I unjunked the gun and expected the problems to be over
The stoppages were consistently failures to extract resulting in a double feed  The slide cycled fully but the extractor jumped off of the case and left them partially extracted.


The possibilities are MANY as to why the pistol had problems.  We will move from less likely to more likely:

  • Lubrication related
  • Ammunition
  • Magazine related
  • Home gun smith related

I’m Bummed Out Even if it Was My Fault

  • I was really hoping for an idiot proof gun
  • The gun is more complex than I had hoped
  • Reliability is the big issue


Man, the trigger was good!

I’m looking forward to getting back to the range to see what if anything could be the issue.

I’ll keep you posted with the good, bad and ugly!

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