0288 – Four Factors that Can Restrict Your Self-Defense Training

I know that I am not the only one that feels like I am being pulled in 100 different directions at the same time.  Between family, work and other things that I SHOULD be doing, then all the things I WANT to do, I could easily fill 36 hour days.  Training can be tough to fit in with our busy modern lives.  Today we are going to take a look at four factors that can get in the way of training.  Identifying what is in the way is the first step in fixing the situation.


Did you get your Mega Millions Ticket?

I saw this posted on Jason’s FB wall last night:  “According to the FBI, 1 in every 300 were victims of a viloent crime in 2010… according to the Michigan Lotto Commission, the odds of winning the Mega Millions Jackpot is 1 in 175 Million… I bet most of you bought a ticket for the big game, didn’t you??? But so few of you are prepared for a violent attack!”

Preaching to the Choir

I know that based on the demographics of the folks that listen to this podcast that our community is filled with folks that train more than the general population when it comes to dealing with violence.  I also know from personal experience that I don’t train as much as I want to.  I dare to say it, but I don’t train as much as I should.  Yes, I train a lot.  Yes, I train more than most people.  My training and competency level have nothing to do with anyone else.  It isn’t about comparisons, it is about continual improvement.  I am seeking to improve continually and so, I need to step back every once in a while and analyze what it is that is holding me back from doing what I should do and more importantly what I NEED to do.


Why Our Training Resources Are Limited


We started the intro talking about time.  Time is finite and quite possibly one of our most valuable resources.  Add to that, we have many factors that are competing for that limited time.

  • Family
  • Work
  • 2nd Job
  • Other needs
  • Recreation
Take some time to look at time related issues to see how much this impacts your training.  Prioritization and efficiency are the solution to solving time related problems.  If training is in the need column for you train efficiently and so so before you do anything in the want column.


Motivation is all about what makes you tick and often times working around or through the things that make you “not tick.”  The factors that motivate us and otherwise are as diverse as are people.  Let’s take a look at some factors that effect our level of motivation.

  • Realizing Need
  • Increasing Competency
  • Who we train with
  • Perceived Benefit of Training


This is one of the factors that impacts my training more than any other factor.  There are only so many places where I can go and draw and move and shoot and turn and shoot from barricades and bring my training partners a long.  Drives me nuts.

  • Holster Work
  • Movement
  • Target type
  • Volume of fire
  • Membership



Yes, it is 2012 and a dollar just doesn’t stretch as far as as it used to.  In addition, there are fewer dollars to spread around.  This can be a big factor in training.  Lets take a look at how dollars can influence training.

  • Cost of training classes
  • Fuel to get to and from training areas
  • Ammunition
  • Equipment
  • Lodging



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