0280 – I.C.E. Training Defensive Firearms Coach Instructor Development Course

The standard was instantly set pretty high with the question, “What certification have you earned that was meaningful?”  I have a lot of certificates.  I have ZERO hanging on my wall including my college degrees and that says it all to me.  Those pieces of paper are typically less valuable once the ink has dried.  Yes, I need one of those certificates so that I’m insured, I might need another to make the state happy, but few of those certs had value to my students and this applies equally to when I was in the school house or now that I’m on the range.  Plain and simple instructor development courses are a joke.

I have worked hard to extend my professionalism in the area of continuing education, but for the most part I have been relegated to nugget hunting.  Spending hours and hours in courses to find that one piece of information that made it “worth my while.”  As time has progressed, I have found fewer and fewer nuggets and I have a harder time spending energy away from my family and my business squandering resources for little benefit.

The question, “What certification have you earned that was meaningful?”  had a pretty strong implicit meaning for me.  The meaning was simple, THIS COURSE  isn’t about the piece of paper, it is about making you a better instructor.  Refreshing right,  off the bat.


Defensive Firearms Coach IDC

I’m not going to give a blow by blow account of the DFC IDC.  What I am going to do is dive into some important aspects of the course and why you might want to invest in either finding an IDH Instructor or becoming one yourself.

The DFC IDC was designed by I.C.E. Training.  Rob Pincus developed the course to fill a specific niche.

What Makes the Introduction to Defensive Handguns different from Other Basic Courses

Context:  The threat of an imminent home invasion with the potential of a lethal threat.

Purpose: To help individuals understand the concepts relevant to the use of a defensive handgun and increase efficiency in the skills required to operate a defensive handgun in the context of an imminent home invasion with the potential of a lethal threat.

Who Should Take This Course: Individuals who are interested in an in depth understanding and increased efficiency with a defensive handgun for home defense

After Action Report

3 Intense Days of Classroom

  • Be ready to study as there is a large amount of content covered by this course.
  • This is an IDC for a course that focuses on end user understanding that means that the instructors need an in depth understanding
  • To be successful you need to be ready to engage with the material.  It isn’t going to be fed to you.

10% of time was spent on the range

  • Not a shooting course
  • Don’t come hoping to get a bunch of reps and brush up on your skills
  • Enough shooting for students to get some teaching experience
  • It would have been nice to spread our range time over the three days to break up the classroom

Understanding is the Key

  • You are not going to walk away with a cert unless you get the information
  • Evaluated through class discussion
  • Practical teaching exercises
  • Written test with a 90% correct cut off

Come Ready to be Challenged

  • Currently the course has an 85% pass rate
  • I would expect that to continue as the material challenges traditional thinking (Grant Cunningham: Revolvers are an experts gun.)
  • Hard work both in class and out
  • Wear your big boy pants and expect to be challenged directly

Things That Have Changed as a Result of DFC IDC

  • Firearms Selection Information
  • Addition of Introduction to Defensive Handguns Course to our schedule

Things That May Change

  • 9mm
  • Storage of home defense guns

You Might Want to Consider a DFC IDC

  • If you are an instructor that wants to continue to develop professionally
  • If you want to become an instructor and do it right
  • If you interact with new gun owners who are interested in defensive firearms use
  • If you work behind a gun counter



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