0277 – First Shots with the Caracal F 9mm

So, I’m on vacation.  We got in early in morning and as soon as I woke up I headed to the range to run a couple hundred rounds through my new pistol at a local indoor range.  My intent was just to get to know the pistol a little bit.  Holding it and pointing it can only tell you so much.  Guns are meant to be shot and so I took my new Caracal F to the range to play.  I wasn’t looking to accomplish anything other than get to know this pistol a little bit better and formulate some sort of a plan for how will proceed with the testing and evaluation.  What I had, was a bunch of fun!


  • Lots of training opportunities coming up stay tuned here and to the SSA Schedule

The Caracal F

If you haven’t heard about the Caracal F it is time to take a look.  I have spent a lot of time with striker-fired pistols over the years and at first glance I really didn’t think the Caracal was very different.  It took me a bit of time to open my eyes and actually pay attention to see what this pistol has to offer.

What is the Caracal?

  • Polymer framed
  • Striker fired
  • 9mm pistol
  • F – Full Sized Glock 17ish (18 rounds)
  • C – Compact Glock 19ish
  • Quick sight
  • Built in the United Arab Emerites
  • Designed by Bubitz

Why I was Blind to the Caracal F

I first saw the Caracal at Media Day at the range preceding SHOT Show 2012 and although I stopped to take a look at the Caracal tent, I pretty quickly moved on.  Here is my list of excuses.

  • Another striker fired pistol?
  • The models
  • The “Quick Sights”
  • The UAE Stamp

Why I Opened My Eyes

  • I’m pretty conscious of my bias’
  • Others were talking
  • Spent some time at the booth

First Impressions of My First Shots

  • Fun
  • Biased I don’t shoot 9mm very often
  • Recoil was minimal
  • Not a fan of the sights
    • difficult to change
    • not enough light on each side
    • how important are the sights?
  • Trigger
  • Flat shooter
    • low recoil of the 9mm
    • low felt recoil of the light slide
    • low bore axis
    • ergonomics
  • Very fast follow up shots when shooting with a target focus


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  1. Rob Pincus
    Rob Pincus says:

    I have 2 coming in for testing…. I was very impressed with their performance in student’s hands in Europe and in my limited shooting of them.
    Most importantly, the engineering/internal differences MAKE SENSE.

    we’ll see how they hold up this spring!


    • PaulCarlson
      PaulCarlson says:

      I will be running it this weekend in some class at Blackwing Shooting Center in Deleware, Ohio. If you are in the neighborhood you should swing by and check it out. 😉 Hopefully we will get a good number of rounds down range to see how it runs.


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