0271 – Support The Second Amendment at Starbucks

First of all don’t forget that tomorrow, Tuesday February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Forgetting that fact in some relationships could have dire consequences and remembering appropriately could have profound benefits. Good luck with that. I have to say, that I have been pretty excited about the 14th for quite some time. You see, I like coffee, a lot, and there really isn’t much better in life than having someone else brew you a good cup of coffee. The problem with that is it can be a bit pricey. Well, tomorrow I’m going to ignore the price tag and enjoy a cup of Joe or two from Starbucks. If you enjoy coffee, and guns, you might think about doing the same.


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The Back Story

It is pretty simple.

Like most businesses, most Starbucks stores are located on private property.  In most states where open and concealed carry are legal private property owners have the option of posting their property with signs that prohibit weapons from being carried in their retail location.

MOST stores that can post do.

  • Magic Talisman
  • Ignorance
  • Liability
Starbucks is not posted.
  • No need to restrict a legal action
  • Maybe Starbucks respects our Constitution
  • Maybe they realize coffee is one of the greatest war drinks ever created

The Boycott

The National Gun Victims Action Council has decided to stage a boycott of Starbucks Tomorrow you can read about it here.
Take a look at what they have to say and check out their videos.  Not very rational, or threatening.  The video I looked at had almost 400 views this week.  Seriously, my videos get almost that much exposure…..

The Buycott

Well, as often happens with 2A issues, it appears that the NGVAC has woken the sleeping giant of American Gun Owners.
There is no doubt in my mind that tomorrow will be a decent day for Starbucks.  I’m going to be heading to my nearest Starbucks to meet a friend, have a cup of coffee, talk about some outstanding work Dale Fricke has done on some custom gear for him and his agency.  I also plan on buying some beans.  One of the things I provide for my students is hot coffee.  From now on, that coffee will be coming from Starbucks.

I also ordered some cool patches from OP Tactical today to profess my love for guns and coffee while I am teaching.

I don’t often cover current events or politics and I hope I don’t ever make you feel like you are obligated to do what I do.  I do however, want to make sure you know where I stand on issues and give you the information that you need to make decisions on issues that may be important to you.

If you love coffee and guns, maybe you want to head to Starbucks, buy some java and pay your tab with $2 bills!

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