0264 – Interview with Stacey Nagey of Primary Weapons Systems

9mm v .45. Glock v 1911.  AR v AK.  All pretty famous gunnisms.  All arguments that I try to stay away from.  For most of us it really doesn’t matter.  If it does matter, you probably know the answer to the debate for you and what does it matter beyond that.  Well one of the arguments that has really started to brew in the past few years is the DI v piston driven AR.  I think to a great degree it stems from the AR v AK argument.  Some folks feel that the piston AR gives folks the ability to say “Both!” to the AR v AK question.  Today we are going to talk with Stacey Nagey from Primary Weapons Systems.  PWS is a maker of premium piston guns and Stacey is going to give us his view  on the situation.  Tune in and learn.


PWS Talks About Piston Guns

Today we will talk with Stacey Nagey of PWS about what makes their rifles special. We will discuss:

  • DI vs. Piston Guns
  • AK vs. AR
  • How to determine if you “need” a piston gun

New products from PWS




PWS on YouTube

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