0260 – An Interview with Fate of Destinee

SHOT Show provides lots of opportunities to meet folks from all different walks of life.  In the press room one afternoon, I bumped into the FateofDestinee crew.  They were scrambling to use the WiFi to get a batch of videos up onto youtube, and then head back out to the floor to grab more content for their subscribers.  We chatted for a bit between uploads and made a plan to meet up later on for an interview.  I wish we would have turned on the recorder as soon as we started talking, as we covered a lot of ground before the tapes got rolling.  I hope you enjoy the content today as we get a woman’s perspective on SHOT Show, shooting, the second amendment and more.


Connect with FateofDestinee:

FateofDestinee on Youtube

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Armed and Female

How are you treated by the shooting community?

How bout the youtube community?

What Challenges do you face being armed and female?

What do you wish was different about the shooting community?

CCW Wisconsin, CCW and your path with preparing to defend yourself with a firearm.

Where do you want to head in the next year?

Many of my male listeners would love to have their significant others join them on the range. Being a female shooter yourself what do’s and dont’s tips do you have for these fellas?

Many wives of shooters might be interested in shooting, but are intimidated by the act of shooting, or the culture what tips do have for them to get involved?



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